Ultra-low, truly bubbling tunes of downtuned guitars, distorted singing and crushing drumming lead us to another name for the OEF 2019, namely the French gore grinders of PULMONARY FIBROSIS!!! 

The music in the best tradition of classic pathological grind delivered with an unrestrained fierceness as it has always been the case as for this style!!! The guys around the frantic, vomiting drummer and the brain of the band, Guillaume, came into existence in 1998 being very active in the world underground ever since both by releasing countless recordings on all kinds of media or by enormous live activity across the globe.

PULMONARY FIBROSIS, as almost every band, went through line-up changes but their music does not change. Following their 20th anniversary last year we are happy to invite them to the Trutnov Battlefield to play their classic pathological rumbling tunes for the second time already!!!